Central Coast Juicery Parks Delivery Truck In Disabled Parking


Noon on Saturday I come across an unattended commercial vehicle parked in the disabled parking place. Look around and see none of P.G.’s finest so I take a few pictures and consider call them or at least the 831-747-7085 number and reporting them. Then head off to go to the bank.


Central Coast Juicery

The driver shows up and shouted at me asking if I had some concern and after a debate on what the definition of parking is I go into the bank. Driver of said Central Coast Juicery truck moved it to a legal parking spot and goes to the same bank as I, where he continues to deny any wrongdoing. Give it up Mark, you ended up on Facebook in addition to LighthouseAvenue.com.

One thought on “Central Coast Juicery Parks Delivery Truck In Disabled Parking

  1. To whom it may concern,

    Whoever posted this article clearly is a bitter person with a chip on his shoulder. Anyone who sees this would agree.

    He should seek help for himself rather than spend his time trying to sabotage other people who genuinely help others.

    The author of this article is the one who should be truly ashamed.



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