"Free Phone" Pushers Defrauding The Public

I am often a skeptic when a business exists solely on payments from government programs. Free Phones, mobility scooters, subsidized solar systems, electric cars, etc. Shows you just how loose the government is with our tax dollars.

The Federal Communications Commission plans to fine Total Call Mobile $51.1 million after alleging the carrier fraudulently collected payments from a program that subsidizes wireless service for low-income consumers.

According to FCC documents [PDF], since 2014 Total Call Mobile requested and received more than $9.7 million in payments by signing up tens of thousands of duplicate or ineligible consumers “despite repeated and explicit warnings from its own employees, in some cases compliance specialists, that company sales agents were engaged in widespread enrollment fraud.”

“Free Phone” Pushers Defrauding The Public

Pacific Grove Residents Easy Marks For Fraudsters

People that can spend $8 for a jar of pickles or hundreds on rusty garden decor seem the most gullible for other scams, right?

Police said the callers may be using personal information from social media sites.

Police advise residents to never divulge personal information over the phone or send checks, money orders or valuable items to people or businesses you don’t know.

If the scam involves a relative, confirm with someone you know that what is being claimed is true.

You can report scams online to the National Consumers League Fraud Center at www.fraud.org, or call the local police department.

Pacific Grove Residents Easy Marks For Fraudsters

Jury Says Nader Agha Lied About Antique Clock


Holmans antique sale

Vinther had some strong documentary evidence to back his story, however — documents which apparently convinced the jury Agha was lying:

– At the time of the sale, Vinther was given a handwritten receipt made out by Agha’s wife, Nadia, who works for her husband. “10-22-07 Received $36,000 for Nader clock, Italian Renesons,” the misspelled receipt said.

– More than a year later, when he was about to be deposed in the case, Agha produced a different receipt, this one from a preprinted receipt book. The new receipt was also dated Oct. 22, 2007, and bore a serial number of 592631. “Carved Mahogany Grandfather Clock, $36,000 cash,” it said. In his April 2009 deposition, Agha testified he had prepared this receipt at the time of the sale and left it for Nadia to give to Vinther when he paid, but that she couldn’t find it, and that’s why she made out the first receipt.

– But when Vinther’s attorney asked to see the receipts from the preprinted book immediately before and after the new one, Agha’s attorney, Christopher Cayce, vehemently opposed the request. Only after Monterey County Superior Court Judge Kay Kingsley ordered Agha to produce them did Agha give Huang receipts 592630, which was dated Nov. 14, 2007, and 592632, dated Nov. 16, 2007. Vinther had asked for his money back on Nov. 15, 2007.

Cayce explained the long delay in producing the receipts and the discrepancy about when the second one was prepared by telling the jury, “We were just trying to sort out the evidence.” He also said Agha made out the new receipt in November not because of Vinther’s demand for his money back, but because “it was time to pay the taxes on the sale.”

But Huang argued that Agha “created” the second receipt that said “Mahogany grandfather clock” in an attempt to “defeat” the first receipt. And she said any reasonable person would look at Agha’s constantly shifting story as evidence he wasn’t telling the truth.

Jury Says Nader Agha Lied About Antique Clock

Prison Doctors Fraud – One Was From P.G.

Part of what causes insurance rates to go up – and services go down.

Dr. Charles Lee, 69, of Salinas, is charged with approving the false claims.

Also named are doctors Randy Sid, 42, of Pacific Grove; Pedro Eva, 43, of Soledad; David Hoban, 65, of Santa Cruz; Wade Exum, 60, of Las Vegas; and Mark Herbst, 48, of Honolulu.

The indictment accuses Hoban of overbilling the state more than $60,000 between April 2007 and June 2007. Exum is charged with similarly taking $13,570; Sid, $16,750; Eva, almost $30,000; and Herbst, nearly $45,000.

Prison Doctors Fraud – One Was From P.G.

P.G. Resident's Greed Leads To Loss Of Cash

A caller apparently called the victim and identified himself as a merchant banker for First Caribbean Bank. He told the victim he had won a Publisher Clearinghouse-type sweepstakes, according to police commander Thomas Uretsky.

The solicitor advised the victim to send $2,900 to an address in Texas to pay for the excise taxes on the winnings.

victims are asked to call a phone number with a three-digit area code to collect a prize and the victim assumes they are making a domestic long-distance call. But when making the call, they are connected to a number outside the United States and are charged international call rates.

Uh huh. Send $2900 and call an overseas toll number. Don’t ever believe anyone saying you will win money if you send them yours . . .

P.G. Resident’s Greed Leads To Loss Of Cash

'Gypsy scam' Robbed P.G. Couple Of $8,000

Communities that vote Democrat are easy marks..

Police said a pair of men ages 45 to 50 and 20 to 25 years old who drive a white or yellow van or sport utility vehicle are committing home repair service scams.

About two weeks ago, police said, the suspects obtained $8,000 in cash from an elderly couple for fraudulent vehicle repairs.

‘Gypsy scam’ Robbed P.G. Couple Of $8,000