Reason To Skip The Salad #34565346

Testing has pointed toward a vegetable mix from Taylor Farms as the source of E. coli in Costco chicken salad that has been linked to an outbreak that has sickened 19 people in seven states, a Costco official said Wednesday.

Craig Wilson, Costco vice president of food safety and quality assurance, said he was told by the Food and Drug Administration that the strain of E. coli seems to be connected to an onion and celery mix.

The company uses one supplier for those vegetables in the chicken salad sold in all its U.S. stores, Wilson said.

Wilson identified the supplier as Taylor Farms in Salinas.

Reason To Skip The Salad #34565346

If It Rolls Downhill, Our Man Sam The Sham Is All Over It

And wants more tax dollars to research it.

Farr Piggy

To prevent future E. coli outbreaks linked to leafy greens, U.S. Rep. Sam Farr said Friday he will request $6 million in federal funds for food-safety research.

Farr’s comments followed a closed-door meeting of about 75 Salinas-area growers, agricultural officials and lawmakers who discussed potential strategies for making local produce safer and restoring the confidence of consumers in the wake of the nationwide E. coli outbreak.

Yep, throw more taxpayer money at it Sam, that’s your shtick. What about making the growers and sellers of contaminated food pay for the study? Here, I’ll do it for free:
E. coli is poop. Animals are pooping or spreading poop in fields. Keep animals out, or clean the food before selling it. No charge, Sam. Now get your grubby hands off my wallet.

If It Rolls Downhill, Our Man Sam The Sham Is All About It