Unresponsive Diver Pulled From Water At San Carlos Beach

San Carlos Beach


Sgt. Michael Lyke went missing while he was diving with a group off San Carlos Beach Park and did not resurface, according to KSBW-TV.

The Monterey Fire Department division chief told Gold Country Media he was unconscious when a lifeguard and another diver found him.

Lyke died at the hospital.

Unresponsive Diver Pulled From Water At San Carlos Beach

Divers Find It Deeper

Challenge accepted and met.

Recently the couple was leaving a restaurant at Wharf 2 in Monterey, when Susan accidentally knocked her purse into the water.

“When it first went over the railing, to be honest with you, I wanted to go in after it,” Susan said. “I never expected to see it again. I just went to work and thought, ‘Well, that’s it.’ ”

But Ron wasn’t about to give up. After all, the purse contained $200 in cash, the keys to their car, worth about $250, house keys, a pair of prescription sunglasses worth $400, plus credit cards and personal identification.

About a week later, Glaze went to the end of the pier to buy salmon at the seafood market. Right next to the market is Monterey Abalone Co., which raises abalone in cages under the wharf.

“There was this guy in a wetsuit,” Glaze said. “I asked him … does he know this harbor pretty well?

“‘Oh yeah,’ the man said. ‘I’m down in the water here a lot.’ ”

The man was Andrew Kim, manager of Monterey Abalone Co. He took down Glaze’s name, address and phone number and agreed to try to keep an eye out for the purse while diving.

The next evening the Glazes were in Los Altos when Ron received a call from Kim. “He said, ‘Ron, I found your wife’s purse and it doesn’t look too bad. It’s still zipped up.’ ”

Divers Find It Deeper

Diver Dies At San Carlos Beach

A diver who encountered problems during a training exercise at San Carlos Beach in Monterey over the weekend has died, coroner’s office officials confirmed Thursday.

Exactly when she died is unclear, but on Saturday afternoon when she was taken to the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula for treatment, paramedics said she was unresponsive and had a pulse.

Diver Dies At San Carlos Beach

Divers’ Monument Unveiled On Cannery Row

It’s over on the quiet end of the Row, near the Coast Guard. Another tiny reminder that Cannery Row was once more than the home a Fish Jail and tourist trap. Well done.

Cannery Row Divers Memorial Cannery Row Divers Names

Toiling in thick clouds of fish scales, entrails, muck and silk, usually in zero visibility, was a daily ritual for Nonella, George Fraley, Oscar Lager, Eddie Bushnell and several other divers and tenders who helped make Monterey the “Sardine Capital of the World” between 1927 and 1950, until overfishing and pollutants killed the industry.

Those men, including two who were killed while diving — Tom Pierce and Henry Porter — were honored Friday at San Carlos Beach Park on Cannery Row when The Cannery Row Foundation and the Historic Divers Society unveiled a bronze bust of a vintage diving helmet at a dedication ceremony next to the water.

See also the John Cernry paintings of the ones that avoided work, with style.

Divers’ Monument Unveiled On Cannery Row