Divers’ Monument Unveiled On Cannery Row

It’s over on the quiet end of the Row, near the Coast Guard. Another tiny reminder that Cannery Row was once more than the home a Fish Jail and tourist trap. Well done.

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Toiling in thick clouds of fish scales, entrails, muck and silk, usually in zero visibility, was a daily ritual for Nonella, George Fraley, Oscar Lager, Eddie Bushnell and several other divers and tenders who helped make Monterey the “Sardine Capital of the World” between 1927 and 1950, until overfishing and pollutants killed the industry.

Those men, including two who were killed while diving — Tom Pierce and Henry Porter — were honored Friday at San Carlos Beach Park on Cannery Row when The Cannery Row Foundation and the Historic Divers Society unveiled a bronze bust of a vintage diving helmet at a dedication ceremony next to the water.

See also the John Cernry paintings of the ones that avoided work, with style.

Divers’ Monument Unveiled On Cannery Row