Parking Meters On The Avenue?

Controversial article – it started when a letter from the editor in the Hear-Old ranted about the police not enforcing parking at businesses on Lighthouse Avenue. Though that writer was incorrect about the police involvement (Nob Hill and Longs Drugs parking lots are private property – enforcement is up to the property owners), it brought to my attention that parking limits were not being enforced or being selectively enforced in PG. It appeared that businesses owners and their employees were taking up a large amount of parking spaces on the Avenue and side streets where time limited parking is posted. It’s not hard to see – many of the cars have the store names on them, they can be seen every day, often in the same parking spaces.

Here’s the Favaloro’s GMC truck right in front of the (now out of business) restaurant.Parking Favaloro Truck

Later the same truck, now minus it’s door signs is always seen on Grand just below Lighthouse:
Parking Favaloro Truck 2

And again with the Favaloros Mitsubishi that is always downtown:Parking Favaloro Truck 3

In December they hid it over behind the closed down theater. Would they choose to park in any of the 24 hour spots in the lot? No, it’s in a 2 hour spot.

Parking Favaloros Truck

The Favaloros must also have this Suburban.\

Parking Favaloro Suburban

This Mitsubishi once sported signs on it’s doors for Cafe Ariana. Since the first posting, the signs have been removed.

Parking Favaloro Mits

In the same block is the Victorian Corner. The streets are full of cars from that business too. This Chevy truck is always parked on Fountain:

Parking Victorian Corner Chevy 060622

Also seen is the Victorian Corner Tahoe:

Parking Victorian Corner Ho

And the Victorian Corner Jag:

Parking Victorian Corner Jag

In the next block is the Oh Flowers van:

Parking Oh Flowers Van 1

They have since closed and move to a lower rent area. Still the same? Yep, still the same.

Parking Oh Flowers Van 2

Also we have the Bratty Real Estate office. It’s workers take the 20 minute spots with a pickup truck:

Parking Bratty Truck

and a Mustang:

Parking Bratty Stang

Grand Avenue Art Works – did they champion to have the curb in front of their place painted yellow so people might see them? If that’s not enough, they borrow a tactic from Cafe Ariana – magnet signs on the car doors making a parked rolling billboard.Parking Grand Ave Art Works

Hazaras Magic Carpets has a van that is sometimes in the diagonals:

Hazaras Parked On LHA 100424

Or over on Forest where they go outside and smoke:
Parking Hazara-20min

Chili Great Chili parks it’s van in the center – outside the defined parking spaces, making it hard for emergency vehicles to navigate the narrow street.

Parking Chilivan

Then the Chili Great Chili pickup is in the 20 minute zone:

Parking Chili Truck

Just south of Harzara is St Vinnies. City Councilman Ron Schenk works there. Parks his Jeep in front during campaign time, better advertising.

Schenk Jeep

Also on the campaign trail is Susan Goldbeck. She cannot find the energy to carry her political paraphernalia back to her car, so she double parks. Blocking the handicap spot.Goldbeck Double Park

The post office is also a place the cops could rake in the tickets. This BMW driver can afford to park in the red zone:

Parking Beemer Redzone

So can the Cadillac owner that takes up two half-spaces:

Parking Caddy Over Lines

The point made is that it appears that parking enforcement is lax. If we don’t want meters to feed all day, get the parking patrol out and write some tickets.

Parking Meters On The Avenue?