Big Advertising Is Watching You

Probably the NSA and Illuminati too.


A technology being deployed along Cannery Row is able to tell businesses how many people are walking down the sidewalk in front of their stores at any particular time of the day and even what gender the pedestrians are.

The device and software, called ViMo, is a vision-based sensor with AI analytics that can, for example, tell a business that 200 men of an average age walk past the store on Tuesdays between noon and 1 p.m. A retailer could then adjust its marketing to target that particular customer base.

The software does not use facial recognition.

Big Advertising Is Watching You

Consuelo’s Restaurant Bugatti Replica Up For Sale

Back before the light painter was at 361 lighthouse there was Consuelo’s, The car was the restaurant’s rolling advertisement.

Consuelos Bugatti For Sale2
Consuelos Bugatti For Sale3
Consuelos Bugatti For Sale1

History of the Vehicle: ‘Consuelo’s’ and ‘361 Lighthouse’ are painted on both sides of the vehicle. This is an address in Monterey, California that used to be Consuelo’s Mexican Restaurant. It was in a historic building called ‘The Green Building’ which is named after Harry Green.

Consuelo’s Restaurant Bugatti Up For Sale