Organic Growers Look Down On The Common Folk

Asilomar must have saved a ton of $$ when they fill up with dirty hippies. Think of the savings on water and towel usage.

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Organics make up 4 percent of at-home food sales, said the Organic Trade Association. Cantisano said organic food is only mainstream for urban, educated people “of means.”

“The majority of it is consumed on the coast,” he said. “… You don’t even have to go very far from Monterey to find a total lack of it. You have to look long and hard if you get to Greenfield or King City.”

Still, the conference continues to grow considerably.

By the end of the 1980s it had about 500 people attending a year. By the time it moved to Asilomar Conference Grounds in the 1990s it had jumped to around 800.

For the last four years, much of the lodging near the conference grounds has sold out.

Organic Growers Look Down On The Common Folk

More Torture Protests At Presidio Gate


“He didn’t understand what we are doing,” said protester and Monterey resident Maggy Wilson Boast. “We do support our troops, but we don’t support the use of torture.”

Boast and her sister Janet Louise Wilson, organizer of this weekend’s protest outside the entrance at Lighthouse Avenue and Pvt. Bolio Road, have been fighting the impression that they are anti-American and anti-military since the beginning of the war with Iraq, nearly five years ago, the protesters said.

They should visit Russia or North Korea to protest real torture. Check the website of the “Peace Coalition”, with supportive links to what else but Communist websites.Torture Protesters Peace Coalition

More Torture Protests At Presidio Gate