Pacific Grove Merchant Trivia!!

Remember when Pacific Grove’s downtown businesses where there mostly for the locals? Was it a much better time then?

Where was Crocker Burger?

Where was Crocker Bank?

Which bottle shop was PG’s First?

Name the brand of gasoline that used to be sold:
Where Club Fit is
Where Lighthouse Cinemas is

What did lovers love at Lovers’ Point.

Name the restaurant that occupied the beach before the Old Bath House.

Where was the PG Swimming Pool?

Where was The Fat Cat?

Where was The Golden Egg?

What kind of trading stamps were offered by Holman’s?

Where could you redeem them?

Where was Elsa’s?

Bonus! Name one of the waitresses

What kind of food was served at Tom’s Cafe?

Who was the mascot of a restaurant lonnnng before it was Passionfish?

The Elegant Elephant. What was it?

Space Age _______.

Name a Squid House.

Where could you play Boccie Ball?.

GroveMont. Not a theater, what was it?

They called it Top Hat, but no one wore one there…

VNB, UCB, HSOA, ______

“The Store With So Much More”

Another Restaurant: The Pied Piper. Where?

How ’70s! A CB Radio Shop…..

“Let’s all go to ___________”

Sweets. Candy? No!