TripAdvisor Rates P.G.’s Top 13 Hotel/Motels

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Butterfly Grove Inn
1073 Lighthouse Ave
The continental breakfast consisted of cold cereal, muffins cut in quarters, juice and coffee. The owner stood guard at the desk watching who took what.

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Deer Haven Suites
740 Crocker Ave
had asked Housekeeping to change the linens, and when the Housekeeper came to the room she threw thew the clean towels and linens on the FLOOR, near the entrance to the suite

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Pacific Grove Plaza
620 Lighthouse Ave
Even the underground garage has been brightened with original murals by the resident artist/handyman.

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Rosedale Inn Executive Suite
775 Asilomar Blvd
called the front desk for extra pillows and were given a sheet to fold up and use instead.

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The Borg’s Motel
635 Ocean View Boulevard
The bathroom…it’s small. The shower is tiny. The closet for some reason is huge.

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Lighthouse Lodge & Suites
1150 & 1249 Lighthouse Avenue
I did stay in a room overlooking the cemetery a bit smelly, though, not sure what that was, like a sewage smell

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Asilomar Conference Grounds
800 Asilomar Ave
It’s a ‘No Fun Zone.’ Allow for an audible cork pop on that extremely expensive bottle of Chataueneuf de Pape and then watch the fun police (aka Security) materialize from aforementioned fog and pour it on the ground!

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Lover’s Point Inn
625 Ocean View Boulevard
The bed however was one of the worst beds I have slept on in my life. It felt like a solid wood plank on VERY LOUD RUSTY springs. You could not breathe too hard or SQUUUEEEEAKKK!

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Sunset Inn
133 Asilomar Blvd.
when I pulled back the comforter, I was greeted by a fairly large spider scurrying away. I heard the constant sound of buzzing, like a lawn mower starting up. Later I found that this sound was caused whenever someone turned on the water.

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Howard Johnson Express Pacific Grove
660 Dennett Street
the inside hallway leading to our room smelled very bad, like curry. the managers apartment was right below our room. well, the manager and friends partied until after 2am

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The Wilkie’s Inn (Clarion Collection)
1038 Lighthouse Ave
a fairly grotty place, despite the impression of being recently renovated. I got the feeling that it was all done cheaply and without much attention to detail. The bed linen, while clean, looked like it had had an interesting history given the pattern of stains and rips.

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Sea Breeze Lodge
204 Grove Acre Avenue
The room did have a problem with ants. They were tiny, but I had dispatched and lined up a dozen while I was shaving. Court yard was a parking lot with a little green grass over on the side. I have stayed in better motels out in the middle of the dessert.

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Best Western Monarch Resort
1111 Lighthouse Avenue
dark and smells like grannie’s house after it has been shut up for two months. It cost me $162.00 plus tax not to stay there and was worth every penny. stained furnishings and a belligerent owner/manager. Wine tasted like juice and cheese was the cheapest they could find.

TripAdvisor Rates PG’s Top 13 Hotel/Motels

Tempers Are Hot As The Bruschetta At Favaloro’s

A local writes in Trip Advisor about their experience with the restaurant’s owners. No surprise here.
Fighting Favaloros

I’ve eaten at Favaloro’s a few times, and the food is decent. When my baby was born, my dad bought us a couple of gift certificates for there to help us out. Imagine my surprise, when I tried to use one (after dinner, mind you) and the owner came running out of the kitchen shouting that the certificates were fake because he always cut them differently. It was a surreal scene. they finally honored them, saying “well just this time” (as if I’d be back) I heard the owner say to his wife as I was leaving that “he might have made a mistake”… still, no apology, and I would never recommend the place to anyone. Pasta Mia across the street has better food and nicer people.

Tempers Are Hot As The Bruschetta At Favaloro’s