Going, Going, Gone – French Glass Building

The new plan includes 14 luxury apartments, combined with 6,000 sq. ft. of retail space. But it could be a bold business endeavor considering the signs nearby. Closed windows on boarded up buildings and other properties still for lease.

At least when built, this building full of empty storefronts and ‘For Rent’ signs will be shiny and new.

Longtime anchor at the end of Lighthouse Ave has been empty over a year and finally changes. Changes from interesting 50s – 60s metal siding to piles of rubble. Interesting that it looks to be several buildings that were wrapped in siding to appear as one. Used to be my favorite store for window & screen repairs.

Over a year ago, empty.
French Glass

Demolition part one.
French Glass 2

Demolition part two.
French Glass 3

Demolition done.
French Glass 4

Teardown reveals old advertising on wall.
French Glass Old Sign

Going, Going, Gone – French Glass Building