Restaurant Sewage On McAbee Beach

550 Wave street is Wave Street Cafe. Maybe the gulls liked it.

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On Saturday around 1:30 p.m. a complaint of sewer odor was logged coming from 550 Wave Street. Monterey public works crews determined that it was a broken sewer lateral that was leaching into an adjacent storm drain, Anderson said. The storm drain leads to Monterey Bay near McAbee Beach behind Cannery Row.

The beach remained closed Tuesday pending completion of repairs to the sewer line that occurred on private property where a lateral pipe from the property ran toward the sewer main on Wave Street in Monterey.

Restaurant Sewage On McAbee Beach

$50 Per Month Sewer Bills Proposed

By Tom Fruitcheese and the Monterey Peninsula Water Pollution Creation Agency. Protesters tried to stop it with a written campaign but fell short, kind of knee deep in the sewage.

The city’s aging sewer system has led to repeat sewage spills into protected coastal waters. Officials sought the fee hike to cover the long-term costs of repairing it, pinned at $13.9 million over 10 years.
“Portions of the sewer system are almost 100 years old,” P.G. City Manager Tom Frutchey writes by email. “In order to keep the system functioning effectively, for the safety of residents and the protection of the Bay, the council adopted the proposed rates. Throughout the 10-year period, future councils will be able to make further adjustments.”
Meanwhile, the Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association has pressured the city to refund a $600,000-plus sewer fee overcharge to residents. Officials have said they’d rather apply it as a credit against the upcoming fee hike.

$50 Per Month Sewer Bills Proposed

El Torito Sewage Spill Closes Beach

Go easy on the frijoles, ok?

The bureau closed access to McAbee Beach around 10:35 a.m., after the Monterey Fire Department reported a sewage spill coming from El Torito Mexican Restaurant, located at 600 Cannery Row, according to the county officials.
The restaurant sits adjacent to the beach and right on the water’s edge.
The fire department learned of the spill sometime between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. when a person passing through the area called to report sewage spilling into the ocean, according to Monterey Fire Captain Barry Perkins.
The amount of sewage released into the Monterey Bay is unknown at this time, Supervising Environmental Health Specialist with Monterey County Marni Flagg said.

El Torito Sewage Spill Closes Beach