Sam The Sham Farr Cares Not For Your Safety

Or taxpayer money well spent…

Nearly two years after installing a series of overhead lights along a section of the Recreation Trail, Sand City officials may have to tear them down.

That’s because, according to state Coastal Commission staff members, the current lights pose “adverse impacts to the sensitive dune(s) by altering nocturnal conditions in a manner that could affect species composition and behavior.”

According to Mayor David Pendergrass, Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, brought up the lights issue to the Coastal Commission. Farr spokesman Alec Arago said the congressman had “expressed concern about the aesthetics of the lights.

Rec Trail Lights Sand City2

“aesthetics of the lights”? This is not a wild remote nature preserve we have here, they are beside a frontage road that parallels a freeway. The recreation trail attracts people and promotes healthy alternative to cars. It needs to be safer.
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Sam The Sham Farr Cares Not For Your Safety