Who Wants Layoffs And Sizzle?

Fruit-Cheese and Kurt “Lorem ipsum” That’s who

Frutchey said the city must continue to transform its business practices with private-sector service contracts, shared services with other agencies, and fewer full-time employees in the state Public Employees Retirement System.

On a related matter, the city’s economic development manager recommends that Pacific Grove follow the lead of such cities as Escondido and Hercules to put more sizzle in the downtown district economy.

Who Wants Layoffs And Sizzle?

Invasion Of The Parklets

Parklett Parking


The City Council on Wednesday will consider approving a pilot project to allow four “parklets” — curbside parking areas converted to another use such as outdoor dining, seating or planters — in the downtown and Central Avenue areas.

The idea is used in many cities to add space for shops in urban areas, says economic development manager Kurt Overmeyer in a council report.

The downtown and Central Avenue commercial areas have the potential to be “high-energy corridors” if they encourage pedestrians and foster better interaction between the street and stores, the report says.

Three downtown businesses and one on Central Avenue are interested in a parklet pilot program if the city pitched in, the report says. Each has at least one adjacent parking space that could be used without hurting the nearby parking supply.

The city is being asked to spend up to $15,000 for traffic barriers to protect the parklets.

Protect the parklets? What about the people crazy enough to dine in the street?

Invasion Of The Parklets