Jacobo Ruelas Conviction Stands

As it should be.
Kris Olinger Bench 2013

The Sixth District Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of Jacobo Ruelas in the 1997 murder of 17-year-old Kristopher Olinger, according to Monterey County District Attorney Dean Flippo.

Ruelas was convicted in October 2013 of first-degree murder with special circumstances, kidnapping for robbery and kidnapping for carjacking in the death of the Monterey High School senior, who was stabbed and left to die near the Pacific Grove Recreation Trail.

Ruelas was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

The case went unsolved for nearly a decade before state investigators matched palm prints on Olinger’s car in 2005 to Ruelas and his brother Angel.

Angel Ruelas was also charged in connection with the crime, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life without possibility of parole.

Jacobo Ruelas Conviction Stands

Kristopher Olinger’s Killers Found Guilty

Olinger was killed in Pacific Grove sixteen years ago.

Olinger Bench 2013

The jury found that Jacobo Ruelas and his younger brother, Angel Ruelas, who had earlier plead guilty to the crime, fatally stabbed Olinger, a 17-year-old Pacific Grove resident, during a carjacking and robbery on Sept. 18, 1997. Angel Ruelas, 33, pleaded guilty in April 2012 and was sentenced to life without parole, the same sentence faced by the elder brother. Jacobo Ruelas will sentenced Oct. 30.

Kristopher Olinger’s Killers Found Guilty

Kris Olinger Killer Angel Ruelas Gets Life In Prison

It has taken way too long to come to this. Angel pleaded guilty, brother Jacob pleaded not guilty and proceedings are pending.
Olinger Bench

After canceling a meeting with his victim’s brother, the Soledad man who admitted stabbing 17-year-old Kristopher Olinger to death in 1997 was unexpectedly sentenced to life without possibility of parole late Tuesday.

Sentencing for Angel Ruelas, 33, had been put on hold since his surprise guilty plea in April 2012. Ruelas said he wanted to meet Olinger’s brother, Travis Phillips, before his punishment was handed down and Prosecutor Jeannine Pacioni said she first wanted to take Ruelas’ older brother, Jacobo, to trial for his alleged role in the brutal trailside murder.

Kris Olinger Killer Angel Ruelas Gets Life In Prison

Jacobo Ruelas’ Murder Trial Non-Progress

Hang in there, justice will prevail.

Kristopher Olinger bench

At the request of the defense attorney, who said he was not yet prepared, Judge Mark Hood vacated the trial date earlier this month. On Tuesday, as Phillips looked on, Hood denied prosecutor Jeannine Pacioni’s request to stop “wandering aimlessly through the court system (and) set a firm trial date.”

Pacioni said she felt defense attorney Andrew Liu was driving the trial date and Olinger’s family had waited “quite enough.”

Hood said he understood the urgency but is “focused on a just, fair, and expedient trial.” He will set a date, he said, when Liu has digested 14,000 pages of discovery and is prepared. Liu took over the case in May after Ruelas’ former attorney fell ill.

Jacobo Ruelas’ Murder Trial Non-Progress

D.A.: No Death Penalty for Jacobo Ruelas

Now he is referred to as “A Soledad Father?” The sooner he becomes a “Soledad Prisoner” the better..

Prosecutors announced this morning they are no longer seeking the death penalty for Jacobo Ruelas, a Soledad father charged with the 1997 murder of Pacific Grove teenager Kristopher Olinger.

The brothers are charged with stabbing Olinger to death during a carjacking and robbery. The Monterey High School student’s body was found by a jogger near the Pacific Grove Recreation Trail the morning of Sept.. 19, 199

D.A.: No Death Penalty for Jacobo Ruelas

Ruelas Ordered Not To Talk To Media

Jacobo not doing a very good job at being his own attorney, trying to turn the court into a circus.

Prosecutor Ann Hill requested a permanent order Wednesday, a day after The Herald published a report detailing jailhouse interviews with Ruelas, who is representing himself in court.

Hill declined to be interviewed for The Herald’s report but said that while one or more of the witnesses are receiving financial support as part of the witness relocation program, none is being paid for their testimony.

In her motion, Hill said Ruelas violated the rules of conduct for attorneys by discussing the facts of the case. She asked Judge Timothy Roberts to permanently restrain the defendant and reconsider his decision to allow Ruelas to act as his own attorney.

Ruelas Ordered Not To Talk To Media

Attorney & Suspect Ruelas Says Informants Were Paid

Fast track him to the death row please.

“I’m not here because of a palm print. I’m here because of what the confidential informants are saying about me,” he said. “They questioned me about the palm print in 2005. They didn’t arrest me.

“There’s other palm prints on there, too.”

Of the confidential witnesses?

“Matter of fact, yeah.”

Acting Stupid Will Not Save Angel Ruelas

Being stupid may reduce his lifespan, though

A judge has ruled that a former Soledad man charged with the 1997 slaying of Monterey High School student Kristopher Olinger is competent to stand trial.

Judge Mark Hood ordered a mental evaluation for Angel Ruelas on May 4 after a bizarre verbal standoff over Ruelas’ efforts to represent himself in trial as a “sovereign citizen.”

Ruelas, who is in Salinas Valley State Prison on an unrelated carjacking conviction, somehow latched onto the theories and has had a series of nonsensical exchanges with Hood in recent months.

Acting Stupid Will Not Save Angel Ruelas

Olinger Murder Suspect To Represent Himself In Court

Hope he fails at defense. Fail hard.

Roberts cautioned Ruelas that he would have to prepare for trial without assistance of an advisory counsel and with no greater access to the jail’s law library than any other “pro per” defendant, which Ruelas said was one hour a week.

There are 14 weeks remaining before his Sept. 6 trial.

“I can tell you right now there isn’t a lawyer in the state who would take this case” with only 15 hours of library research, Roberts said.

“I understand, however I really want to represent myself. Honestly, I’m ready to move on,” Ruelas said. “I plan to follow all rules (and) laws and conduct myself in a very, very, very professional way.

Olinger Murder Suspect To Represent Himself In Court

Olinger Killer Asks To Represent Himself

Judge says no.

Judge Timothy Roberts told Jacobo Ruelas on Thursday he could not sufficiently prepare for a trial that has been rescheduled three times in three years and is now slated to begin April 4.

In addition to work already completed by his own attorneys, the judge said, there are 9,000 pages of reports that would have to be redacted to remove identifying information regarding confidential witnesses.

Ruelas, 31, is charged with murder during the commission of a robbery and carjacking in connection with the fatal stabbing of 17-year-old Kristopher Olinger. A jogger found the Monterey High School student in a turnout above the Pacific Grove Recreation Trail on the morning of Sept. 19, 1997. He had been stabbed 24 times.

Olinger Killer Asks To Represent Himself