Jacobo Ruelas’ Murder Trial Non-Progress

Hang in there, justice will prevail.

Olinger Bench 2013


At the request of the defense attorney, who said he was not yet prepared, Judge Mark Hood vacated the trial date earlier this month. On Tuesday, as Phillips looked on, Hood denied prosecutor Jeannine Pacioni’s request to stop “wandering aimlessly through the court system (and) set a firm trial date.”

Pacioni said she felt defense attorney Andrew Liu was driving the trial date and Olinger’s family had waited “quite enough.”

Hood said he understood the urgency but is “focused on a just, fair, and expedient trial.” He will set a date, he said, when Liu has digested 14,000 pages of discovery and is prepared. Liu took over the case in May after Ruelas’ former attorney fell ill.

Jacobo Ruelas’ Murder Trial Non-Progress