Now Ex-Cop Suing PGPD And The DA

Strange Night In Pacific Grove

Prosecutors closed the investigation for lack of evidence.

In May 2013, Gill was terminated from his position at the Seaside Police Department. Six months later, he sued the Pacific Grove Police Department and the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office, the two agencies charged with the investigation of the stabbing, for lost wages, slander and allegedly botching the investigation with malicious intent. In essence, he’s alleging his firing was based on prosecutors’ “feelings and suspicions” that he made up the story.

Now Ex-Cop Suing PGPD And The DA

Stabbing Story Seaside Cop Is Fired

Nowhere to go but down after he admitted to having affairs with other cops wives and 911 dispatchers.

Seaside Police conducted an internal investigation that lead to the department’s firing of Officer Justin Gill, who has been on paid leave since an alleged stabbing incident last year.

Gill was fired on June 27th and since it’s a personnel issue, the department said it can’t go into details on why he was fired.

In 2012, Gill was off-duty when he said he was stabbed on Forest Avenue and reported the suspects got away. However, the Monterey County District Attorney began investigating the case because they believed he may have lied about what happened.

Stabbing Story Seaside Cop Is Fired

No Charges Of Self Stabbing By Seaside Cop

Odd case. Off duty cop who claims “During the course of a year said he might date 30 to 40 women,” calls 911 claiming he was stabbed by unknown assailants.

Spitz said his investigators were unable to develop any solid leads as to the assailant Gill claimed attacked him July 31, 2012, or to establish enough evidence to convince a jury he fabricated the story.

In essence, he said, prosecutors do not know who is telling the truth.

Gill told police a Latino male stabbed him in the chest for unknown reasons when he responded to banging on his back door. Court documents said investigators believe Gill stabbed himself, was stabbed by one of many girlfriends or by one of their angry spouses.

No Charges Of Self Stabbing By Seaside Cop

Cop Stabbing Case Leads To Search Warrants

Most interesting is that the search warrants are on the cop.

Investigators said they have narrowed the case down to three possible scenarios to answer what happened on July 31:

“1. Gill was stabbed as he reported. 2. Gill was stabbed by someone he knows and does not want to say what happened because it might damage his career. 3. Gill injured himself.”

The night of the stabbing, officers asked Gill if he had any enemies who would want to hurt him. Gill replied that he had slept with fellow Seaside police officers’ wives, had affairs with married women, and dated 911 dispatchers, the warrant stated.

“During the course of a year, Gill said he might date 30 to 40 women,” the warrant stated

District Attorney investigators seized Gill’s cell phones and computer to look for emails, text messages and other communications from women Gill dated that could help identify a former lover who would be motivated to attack the officer.

Gill told officers that a man banged on his backdoor, stabbed him as soon as he opened the door, and fled in a car driven by a second man.

“Gill was dressed in pajama bottoms, no shirt, and wore a head-mounted flashlight around his head,” the search warrant states. “Gill had a handgun holstered on his right hip and a Seaside PD badge on his left hip. There was a bandage on Gill’s upper left chest.”

Cop Stabbing Case Leads To Search Warrants