Scuzzy Launderette Attracts Scuzzy Burglar

Check out the Yelp reviews. Guy might be the cause of broken machines and non functional change-makers. And probation violations. Just lock him up.

511 Lighthouse Laundry

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Joseph Thomas ran away when police arrived around 2:45 a.m. Nov. 18, but officer Luis Buenrostro and Cpl. Dan Deis managed to chase him down after a short pursuit. They arrested Thomas for the attempted break-in, as well as evading police, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Lakind, and took him to Monterey County Jail.

Scuzzy Launderette Attracts Scuzzy Burglar

Holmans Jewelry Thieves Caught

That pose on the right should be welcome in Monterey County Jail

Holmans Jewelry Heist

Police in Pacific Grove arrested two brothers from Corral de Tierra on Friday who are suspected of jewelry heists on Lighthouse Avenue.

Cmdr. John Miller said Zachary and Joseph Thomas, 24 and 23, were arrested at the Pacific Grove Police Department Friday afternoon and were later transferred to county jail for booking.

Miller said the brothers walked into Holman’s Antique Plaza on Monday. One asked to try on a gold necklace, and while the other distracted an employee, the first walked out of the building wearing the jewelry.

Pacific Grove police sent out an “alert flier” to local police agencies, and Seaside officers recognized the brothers from “previous contacts,” Miller said. An officer called the men’s parents, he said, because officers did not have phone numbers for either suspect. The parents contacted the brothers and persuaded them to turn themselves in, Miller said.

Holmans Jewelry Thieves Caught