Twentieth Anniversary Of Turner & Hooch

Tom Hanks in a cop & dog movie. Mostly filmed in Pacific Grove & Moss Landing. This was less bothersome than a Wine Walk with Art. You could still go to the bank while the movie was in production.

A few still captures:

Walking the dog. Lighthouse Avenue west of Congress.
Turner And Hooch 004

“City Hall” – Bank at Forest & Lighthouse.
Turner And Hooch 001

Forest Avenue. Anyone recognize the lady in the blue? (Hint, she is a local).
Turner And Hooch 002

Catty corner from “City Hall”, the “Church” – Crocker bank building. Flower arrangements hide the ATM.
Turner And Hooch 007

Good P.G. Kids turn in money found at Lovers Point (remember, it’s only a movie).
Turner And Hooch 018

Killer gets away. Runs north on Forest toward Lovers Point.
Turner And Hooch 008

Geographically correct, the cops chase the killer along Ocean View.
Turner And Hooch 009

Head on crash averted as killer gets away.
Turner And Hooch 010

Which way did they go, First Street & Central.
Turner And Hooch 011

Sunset from Lovers Point.
Turner And Hooch 016

Twentieth Anniversary Of Turner & Hooch