Twentieth Anniversary Of Turner & Hooch

Tom Hanks in a cop & dog movie. Mostly filmed in Pacific Grove & Moss Landing. This was less bothersome than a Wine Walk with Art. You could still go to the bank while the movie was in production.

A few still captures:

Walking the dog. Lighthouse Avenue west of Congress.
Turner And Hooch 004

“City Hall” – Bank at Forest & Lighthouse.
Turner And Hooch 001

Forest Avenue. Anyone recognize the lady in the blue? (Hint, she is a local).
Turner And Hooch 002

Catty corner from “City Hall”, the “Church” – Crocker bank building. Flower arrangements hide the ATM.
Turner And Hooch 007

Good P.G. Kids turn in money found at Lovers Point (remember, it’s only a movie).
Turner And Hooch 018

Killer gets away. Runs north on Forest toward Lovers Point.
Turner And Hooch 008

Geographically correct, the cops chase the killer along Ocean View.
Turner And Hooch 009

Head on crash averted as killer gets away.
Turner And Hooch 010

Which way did they go, First Street & Central.
Turner And Hooch 011

Sunset from Lovers Point.
Turner And Hooch 016

Twentieth Anniversary Of Turner & Hooch

12 thoughts on “Twentieth Anniversary Of Turner & Hooch

  1. Hooch was so adorable. I got to pet the little guy on the “set”, he was very slobbery. Gotta love that.

  2. Put up a pic of the kids who found the cash at LP. Perfect little PG kids would always turn in bags of cash found in the ocean :).
    What was the deal of not using the name Pacific Grove in the movie. They repeatedly used Monterey but had a fictitious name for PG?

  3. Put up a pic of the kids who found the cash at LP. Perfect little PG kids would always turn in bags of cash found in the ocean 🙂

    Done. Couriously, I am looking for the real locations of the fish plant and vet’s house.

  4. The “seedy motel room” they go to was actually that weird little building in gazebo park next to the library. My friend and I almost ran over Tom Hanks while he was filming that bit…

  5. That building in Jewel Park definitely fits the bill for a “seedy motel room” everything in there is so crappy looking.

    They have Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in there on Sunday’s.

  6. ‘They have Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in there on Sunday’s.’ Plus NA meetings. When they have them in the park cause it’s sunny you can see who is NA or AA. lol Want privacy, try St’ Mary’s for AA meetings.
    Remember Second Chance Resale & Steve’s crappy stuff, plus his bottle of booze behind the counter? Tom bought a typewriter there so Steve put his $25 check in the window for weeks.

  7. Yeah, on Sunday’s I go peak at who’s in the meeting, under the guise of walking my dog right by their window. No anonymity in this setting!
    Surprising to see a few people in there that I wouldn’t expect as being AA’s.

  8. I, too, walk by there regularly. Out of respect for the decent and honest people trying to make a better life for their future, I don’t look too closely.

  9. Oh yeah, Second Chance Resale! For some reason, we used to buy tons of his crappy records that he had in the back. Always smelled weird in there…

  10. When Second Chance closed they put a big dumpster in front for a week & the barber shop guy did some dirty talking to the property owner about it. So no more barber shop there.

  11. I miss the Sprout Reitz store, wish we still had it here. It carried a wide array of “useful” and fairly priced “everyday” items. Speaking of which………..

    I was walking by Trotters shop the other day and a sign in their window caught my eye.
    “No cel phones
    No strollers
    No dogs
    No food or drink”
    What’s left???
    Foch!!! You got enough rules there lady? You’d think that mothball place would be begging for someone to come in and part with their Georgie Washingtons.

    It would be hillarious if Candid Camera did a skit on that mausoleum. I’m thinking, young punk rocker guy, no shirt. Walking in pushing a stroller, while drinking a coffee and munching on a Pavel’s doughnut and yabbing on his cel phone while a dog trails behind the stroller.

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