Henry (Not A Lawyer) Leinen Ignored The Law

Failure To Appear? One would imagine that a person knowing so much legal stuff would not do such a thing.

Following his conviction for forgery and unlawful practice, Leinen was stripped of his right to serve in any of those other legal capacities, but Judge said he did so, anyway. He was arraigned on the new complaint last October and subsequently failed to appear in court. Ultimately, Leinen was convicted and sentenced May 27 to 20 days in jail, which he can serve through the work alternative program, and was fined $1,000.

Henry Leinen (Not A Lawyer) Ignored The Law

Henry (Not A Lawyer) Leinen Sentenced

This website received an official registered letter demanding the first story about his guilty plea to (not a lawyer) services be removed.

on May 27, 2021, Henry Leinen, age 67 of Pacific Grove, was sentenced for providing legal document assistant services after his registration to perform such services was revoked by Monterey County. Leinen’s registration to provide these services was revoked as a result of his convictions for unauthorized practice of law and forgery in 2017. This new misdemeanor conviction was also a violation of Leinen’s probation in his 2017 case. Leinen was sentenced to 20 days jail, which may be served through the work alternative program, in addition to a $1,000 fine.

Henry Not A Lawyer Leinen Sentenced


P.G. Man Guilty Of Providing Legal Services Without Being A Lawyer

A Pacific Grove man has pleaded guilty to charges that arose after he provided legal advice even though he wasn’t a lawyer and forged a document in a lawsuit he brought forward, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Henry Leinen, 63, had been accused of running LRDI Legal Services in which he gave legal help and advice to people in state and federal courts, according to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office.

He used the term “legal services” and didn’t disclose that he was not an attorney on his website, prosecutors said.

P.G. Man Guilty Of Providing Legal Services Without Being A Lawyer