Remove P.G.’s Parking Spaces?

Happy Girl Parking

While some stores loudly complained about the closure of Forest & Lighthouse for the poorly engineered road re-do, others want to take away parking spaces so no one will park and shop.

Where did this kooky idea come from?

“I think the visuals of folks enjoying themselves in the sunshine socializing will be a greater draw,” said Todd Champagne, co-owner of Happy Girl Kitchen.

Happy Girl Pickle

A Happy Girl

Oh, the place that uses the handicap PARKING SPACE for their deliveries. And what’s up with the folding chairs blocking the other space – is a parade on the way?

Business Owners Favor 2 Hour Parking Limits

Parking reserved for Happy Girls and their organic pickles. Don’t recall seeing any handicap plate on that microbus:
happy girl parking

The city tried the longer parking time during the holiday season at the urging of downtown merchants who believe time limits were too short and turned away customers and visitors.

“Since then there have been further favorable comments from a variety of downtown businesspersons,” Myers said in a council report. Only one concern about the extended parking times was fielded, she said.

The police chief said the city’s Business Improvement District promised to work with downtown businesses to ensure premium spaces are not used by employees.

Business Owners Favor 2 Hour Parking Limits

In The Market For Eight Dollar Jar Of Pickles?

What a happy girl and her pickle may look like:
Happy Girl Pickle

Well then, Happy Girl Kitchen is ready to sell them. I’ll stick with Save Mart, thank you.
8 dollar pickles

It all began when the couple lived on a Norway fjord for a summer and discovered the many pleasures of canning and preserving food. On the family farm where they worked, canning wasn’t just a foodie whim, it was vital to keeping the bounty of the brief harvest season to enjoy during the cold, long winter.

On their return to the States, they began a business called Fearless Pickles, which has since morphed into Happy Girl. These days, they have eight full-time employees as well as a national and international following: Todd Champagne recently shipped an order to a major department store in Switzerland, and food writers near and far are also singing their praises, with recent press in The New York Times Magazine and The Guardian.

In The Market For Eight Dollar Jar Of Pickles?