Remove P.G.’s Parking Spaces?

Happy Girl Parking

While some stores loudly complained about the closure of Forest & Lighthouse for the poorly engineered road re-do, others want to take away parking spaces so no one will park and shop.

Where did this kooky idea come from?

“I think the visuals of folks enjoying themselves in the sunshine socializing will be a greater draw,” said Todd Champagne, co-owner of Happy Girl Kitchen.

Happy Girl Pickle

A Happy Girl

Oh, the place that uses the handicap PARKING SPACE for their deliveries. And what’s up with the folding chairs blocking the other space – is a parade on the way?

5 thoughts on “Remove P.G.’s Parking Spaces?

  1. I for one like the idea of more green space in PG. Especially if they enhance shuttle services like the trolley to make it easier to get to the business areas. The idea that we all have to drive to a business and park immediately outside is not conducive to clean air, physical fitness, and other things we need.

    • Perception is tourists relaxing on on park benches sipping $8 coffee drinks in between shopping at the boutiques.

      Reality would be homeless people begging for spare change next to the seagull poo covered park benches.

      • Funny–downtown Monterey doesn’t have huge green spaces, but they have plenty of people asking for change. George Washington Park isn’t crawling with beggars. Why does green space automatically equate to th homeless in your mind?

  2. The one on Alvarado deleted 2 parking spots and is never used. Not sure who wants to risk their life sitting in the road like that. If you want a European flavor, then buy a plane ticket and go to Europe. This is America and we drive cars. Deal with it.

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