Custom House Plaza Cracking

Gods may be angry over the removal of the fountain to make room for more fake events.

Eric Abma, Asilomar superintendent with the Monterey State Historic Park office, said: “We’re investigating the cause but we’re not entirely sure – it’s possible that there’s a water leak under there.”

While the cracks were initially noticed on Sunday when the Monterey History Fest vendors were set up, Abma said they’re not the first crevices to appear there.

“We’ve had other cracks down there,” said Abma. “They’re not entirely new but definitely more significant on Sunday then we’ve seen before.”

Custom House Plaza Cracking

Plaza Bocce Ball Courts To Be Torn Out

And replaced with something that can get more use. Like another Maritime Museum?

Bocce ball enthusiasts on the other hand, want to improve the courts so they can get more use and even attract events.
Bikini Bocce

Our plan? We take out the existing courts, shorten the length of courts 1 and 2 to conform to the 86 foot length of court 3, and install the court surfaces that made the Colleoni Sports Facility business the premier artificial court installer in the world. All at our expense.

We tried to accommodate the desires of State Parks, presenting updated requests addressing new questions after answering old ones. To no avail. It was almost as if they already had their answer all along, but gave us hope by allowing us yet another audience with them. Then came their final “no.” Our hopes of having world class bocce courts at the Custom House Plaza are gone.

Footnote: Monterey Mayor Chuck Della Sala told Bob Enea that State Parks Ranger Eric Abma informed him that within 10 years, the existing courts will be torn out and the land put to other use because the courts as they currently are don’t receive the use State Parks would like to see. Quite ironic, I’d say. Arrivederci Custom House Plaza Bocce Courts.

Plaza Bocce Ball Courts To Be Torn Out

Back To The Future For Custom House Plaza?

Custom House

Monterey Principal Planner Elizabeth Caraker stands next to a drab stone fountain and points past the bocce courts at dead-end Scott Street. Under the city’s transportation and parking study, released in March, Scott would be extended as a through-street – cutting through what today is a wharf parking lot. Alvarado would be extended to the middle of the plaza.

The plan was completed mostly with $300,000 in grant funding from the Monterey Bay Air Pollution Control District and Caltrans by San Jose-based consultants Fehr & Peers. It also calls for converting all of downtown’s one-way streets into two-ways.

“I’ve been in the business since 1987, and even with all of that experience, it’s always a challenge to find your way around Monterey,” Fehr & Peers Principal Rob Rees says. “It’s a very confusing place.”

I always liked that downtown was a maze of one way streets and intersections that are not perpendicular. Keeps the out of town-ers (like Rob Rees) cautious and less likely to run stop signs. The plaza should remain as is, maybe a few more trees for shade. And turn the fountain back into a fountain.

Back To The Future For Custom House Plaza?