Back To The Future For Custom House Plaza?

Custom House

Monterey Principal Planner Elizabeth Caraker stands next to a drab stone fountain and points past the bocce courts at dead-end Scott Street. Under the city’s transportation and parking study, released in March, Scott would be extended as a through-street – cutting through what today is a wharf parking lot. Alvarado would be extended to the middle of the plaza.

The plan was completed mostly with $300,000 in grant funding from the Monterey Bay Air Pollution Control District and Caltrans by San Jose-based consultants Fehr & Peers. It also calls for converting all of downtown’s one-way streets into two-ways.

“I’ve been in the business since 1987, and even with all of that experience, it’s always a challenge to find your way around Monterey,” Fehr & Peers Principal Rob Rees says. “It’s a very confusing place.”

I always liked that downtown was a maze of one way streets and intersections that are not perpendicular. Keeps the out of town-ers (like Rob Rees) cautious and less likely to run stop signs. The plaza should remain as is, maybe a few more trees for shade. And turn the fountain back into a fountain.

Back To The Future For Custom House Plaza?