P.G. Farmers Market Faces Another Challenge

So we know that Grove Market opposes the farmers market because it’s competition. Ron’s Liquors opposes it because all of the veggie loving crowd will make the consumers of tobacco, booze & pr0n shop elsewhere, now a veterinarian says nay nay because people would not be able to drive down the one way street . . .Cottage Vet

But Cottage Veterinary Care owner Jennifer Wernsing, whose business is on 16th Street, has appealed the planning commission’s approval of the location, requesting instead the market be held between 15th and 13th streets or on Saturdays.

“This street closure would be a terrible obstacle for each of my 3,000-plus local clients and their beloved pets,” Wernsing wrote in her appeal, dated June 26.

Wernsing contends that would require clients and pets to walk several blocks to her office.

For one business hour on Mondays, people would need to walk half a block from Central (or cut through the parking lot across the street). Hardly the “several blocks” she states. Makes it sound like all 3,000 customers would be arriving at 4:05 pm on Monday. Is she related to Grove Market or Ron’s Liquors?

P.G. Farmers Market Faces Another Challenge