Wharf Restaurant Bans Babies

Admin here once worked in some P.G. food establishments. When cleaning up after messy “families” I wished there was an added charge for cleaning up after the rug rats.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” tourist Teresa Colombani said. “I think kids need to know how to behave in restaurants, and if you, don’t take them to them, they don’t know how to behave and they shouldn’t be kept hidden away, so I think it’s ridiculous, kids should be allowed in restaurants.”

The owner of the restaurant, Chris Shake, said if customers don’t like the rules, they can go somewhere else for dinner.

Shake said not only does he stand by the signs, but said his business has never been better.

“Well let’s put it this way, I haven’t had a down year for over 20 years,” Shake said. “Our business continues to grow.”

Wharf Restaurant Bans Babies