P.G. High Jocks Get $6,000,000 Stadium

And what about education on skills that we use everyday?

Measure X PG High Stadium

The decades-old stadium will get new aluminum bleachers, a synthetic grass field, snack bar, scoreboard, field house and wheelchair access. The project began June 7 and is expected to be finished next spring.

The project is being paid for by taxpayers through a $42 million bond made possible through Measure D, which voters approved in June 2006 to renovate P.G. schools.

“In the wintertime it gets so muddy that it’s impossible for the kids to play a good game of soccer,” McCord said. “With artificial turf, the ball is so much more responsive.”

Yah, responsive balls. That will help me out in later life . .
(former PG High Nerd)

P.G. High Jocks Get $6,000,000 Stadium