Pot Club Opens On Lighthouse Avenue

Just what they need to bring more crime. Wonder what someone that woke up after a 30 year sleep would think if they just woke up and wanted to visit the Beer Springs for a sip.

Pot Shop

The MyCaregiver Co-op Inc. at 554 Lighthouse Ave. began serving a clientele of 45 medical marijuana users in November and membership has since gone to 70, said John Rico, a MyCaregiver director.

He contends MyCaregiver doesn’t need a permit from the city to operate because it is a private club, benefiting only its members, and exempt from the city permit and licensing process.

City Attorney Deborah Mall said a retail sales business license for that address was applied for and granted, “but they didn’t say it was a medical marijuana facility.”

A marijuana facility, she said, “is not a permitted use in any zone of the city.”

Pot Club Opens On Lighthouse Avenue