Pot Club Opens On Lighthouse Avenue

Just what they need to bring more crime. Wonder what someone that woke up after a 30 year sleep would think if they just woke up and wanted to visit the Beer Springs for a sip.

Pot Shop

The MyCaregiver Co-op Inc. at 554 Lighthouse Ave. began serving a clientele of 45 medical marijuana users in November and membership has since gone to 70, said John Rico, a MyCaregiver director.

He contends MyCaregiver doesn’t need a permit from the city to operate because it is a private club, benefiting only its members, and exempt from the city permit and licensing process.

City Attorney Deborah Mall said a retail sales business license for that address was applied for and granted, “but they didn’t say it was a medical marijuana facility.”

A marijuana facility, she said, “is not a permitted use in any zone of the city.”

Pot Club Opens On Lighthouse Avenue

8 thoughts on “Pot Club Opens On Lighthouse Avenue

  1. Interested to see your comment “just what they need to bring more crime”. Isn’t this a way of reducing crime? It means that lots of dope smokers can buy their supplies in a safe and socially integrated environment, instead of round the back of dodgy bars… In what way does this increase crime?
    All the best from Scotland!

  2. Hi Tom
    In my opinion, pot clubs are more trouble than they are worth. What better victim to rob than a frail, sick medicinal pot smoker leaving the shop? The growers are ruining the open parklands with chemicals, no sanitation and boobytraps.

    Want to smoke? Grow your own.

    I’d prefer a nice aged Scotch to pot anyway myself.

  3. Well, I do think that “Gimme a Gin and Tonic” has the right idea! There really aren’t any sensible alternatives, growing your own is a great idea, but while it’s still illegal, it’s risky and environmentally unsound too, I mean you can’t put your plants out in the sunshine, they have to stay in the cupboard! Frankly, prohibition is disastrous for everyone except the gangsters and the people who make a living out of the law. And I think they’ve got better things to concern themselves with.
    Meanwhile, the youth are drinking themselves to death on crap alcohol. It really just doesn’t make sense. Time for a change!

  4. Homegrown for “qualified patients” is ok.

    11362.77. (a) A qualified patient or primary caregiver may possess no more than eight ounces of dried marijuana per qualified patient. In addition, a qualified patient or primary caregiver may also maintain no more than six mature or 12 immature marijuana plants per qualified patient.

  5. That seems to me to a pretty enlightened law you have there, although it probably just makes things more confusing. Straightforward legalisation would be a lot simpler, and a lot more socially beneficial too, putting a lot of gangsters out of business! And what a tax take might come as well! Win win, in my view.

  6. The law makes it simple to posses and cultivate for personal use. A whole industry has sprung up in hydroponics for indoor growers.

    Update – the place has been ordered to shut down.

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