Barbara bAss Evans Fails

Onward, Pave Our Waterfront.

All the slab-hugging hippies can blame bAss Evans for losing the fight.
Ocean Veiw Plaza

The ruling issued Thursday by a three-judge panel of the 6th District Court of Appeal slapped down an appeal filed by the Save Our Waterfront Committee.

The project, approved by the Monterey City Council in June 2004, calls for its own water supply from a desalination plant because the city has no more water available. The City Council volunteered to serve as the board of directors of the special district for the desalination plant.

The project, first proposed in 1997, calls for four buildings in a 92,000-square-foot complex on both sides of Cannery Row with shops,restaurant space, 38 market-rate condominiums and 13 low-cost housing units.

Barbara bAss Evans Fails

Farmers Market? With All These Empty Storefronts?

Short Bus Route

Letter From The Editor in the Hear-Old:

Why would Pacific Grove want to have a farmers market when it has Grove Market?

In an easy walk around a few blocks, shoppers can find fresh produce, a butcher shop, farmer’s bread, clothing shops, antiques, art galleries, card shops, stationery, cleaners, paints, banks, health food and the best hardware store and post office on the Central Coast.

I bet Monterey residents would love to take a short bus ride with their shopping bags to shop in a town that provides the basic necessities for locals.

It’s obvious that Barbara bAss Evans rides the short bus. None of those businesses are open in the early evening when working people shop.

Farmers Market? With All These Empty Storefronts?