Andronico’s Opening Soon

I remember it as Co Op Foods before it was a Nob Hill.


Andronico’s is a specialty market operated by Safeway with unique offerings that may not be found at regular Safeway stores…

…Anderson previously said the store was first built and opened in 1960 as Purity Supermarket before becoming a Nob Hill Foods some years late.

And under Stupid Things Moe Ammar Says:

“New Monterey and Pacific Grove residents will have access to a very unique shopping experience that is not available on the Peninsula,” said Ammar, who also noted the store’s convenient location, close to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. “Aquarium visitors, staff and volunteers can walk a block and do not have to drive to Whole Foods at the mall.”

Drive to Whole Foods? When there’s a Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Lucky and high priced Grove Market close by?

Andronico’s Opening Soon