Level Heads Should Prevail In Moth Spraying

Did you know that an organic gardening agency approves of the pheromone spraying?

Those who have opposed this spraying program presumably are concerned with issues other than the scientific and economic justifications for controlling the LBAM with pheromones. They have presented two points: federal and state agricultural agencies have not given local citizens and public officials research data to prove that pheromones are safe for humans or a role in the decision-making process.

Such arguments reflect a distrust of federal and state authorities more than substantial concerns. To be realistic, we are exposed daily to numerous chemicals that have not been proven safe for human exposure, and federal and state agencies make countless decisions without citizen participation. Our complex, fast-moving society simply could not function if we require absolute foreknowledge of the consequences of our actions and decision-making at the grass roots level.

Level Heads Should Prevail