Say Goodbye To The Shoreline

Climate Change Cartoon

In 30 years the beauty of Pacific Grove’s coastline will be GONE! What is it with these climate change experts? It’s always 30 years away from complete DOOM. Do they really believe that the sea is going to rise that much in 30 years? How much has is changed in the last 30 years? Here’s what the U.N. was saying 30 years ago. Has it happened?

A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

OK, so if it’s not global warming it’s those darn squirrels!

The trail would be temporary in the sense that rising sea levels generated by global warming will within 30 years erode the bluffs down to and including Ocean View Boulevard. As the sea continues to encroach on the bluffs, trails and parking will need to be moved inland, a process engineers call “adaptive retreat.” Eventually Ocean View would need to be closed or moved further inland toward what is now the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Links, according to the study plan. A long-term plan calls for the boulevard to be closed completely and converted into a two-lane bike path.

With the sea eventually consuming existing parking, the study raised the possibility of creating an electric shuttle service to move people from inland parking to the trail.

Other causes of the erosion and loss of native vegetation along the bluffs include storm runoff, compaction by cars and people, and burrowing ground squirrels, according to the study plan.

Say Goodbye To The Shoreline

Forest Hill Too Good, Let’s Ruin It

Traffic Calming
Coming soon to Forest Hill. Roundabouts, bumpouts, unused bike lanes, and other “traffic calming improvements” to bring the war on cars to another Pacific Grove roadway much like Central Avenue. Just the thought is costing taxpayers $150,000.

Some of the design solutions on the table include extending sidewalks and slowing down vehicle traffic with narrower turn lanes.

Leaders charged with making Highway 68 a safer place for everyone in Pacific Grove took to the streets Wednesday to identify key problems.

Recently a $150,000 Cal Trans grant was allocated to study ways to improve all modes of transportation along Highway 68 within Pacific Grove city limits.

“We are looking at the physical corridor to see where the issues really lie and where the problems are,” Ariana Green with TAMC said.

“It’s really sad all of the accidents, all of the fatalities. Just in the last year there have been three fatalities and seven accidents with pedestrians getting hurt, so it’s pretty bad,” Moe Ammar with the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce said.

Forest Hill Too Good, Let’s Ruin It