AT$T Moves Antenna Towers To Motel

Cell antennas will replace the temporary ones that reduce dead zones at the cemetery. The radio energy paranoids have no opposition to the virtual farm of antennas atop the Holman building, free wifi at McDonalds or all those magnet induction streetlights that also emit radio waves.

Fake chimney in the front.
Wilkies Front Cell Tower

Fake chimney on the side.
Wilkies Side Cell Tower

The Pacific Grove City Council Aug. 21 upheld the Planning Commission’s approval of a cell-phone tower at a Lighthouse Avenue hotel, despite objections from activists who argued the radio frequencies could harm nearby adults, children at Parents Place and butterflies at the Monarch Grove Sanctuary.

The AT&T wireless telecom facility will include six 26.5-foot antennae housed within faux chimneys at The Wilkies Inn on Lighthouse Avenue, plus supporting technology. The cell tower will fill AT&T’s current coverage gap in that area of Pacific Grove.

AT$T Moves Antenna Towers To Motel