Unwelcome Downtown Businesses

Moe hates the resale shops that proliferate the city. As the town struggles to attract businesses to downtown, there is a moratorium of certain types of commerce.

Art galleries that are open maybe 14 hours a week are welcome. All the rest of you stay in New Monterey:

The Community Development Department received a letter from the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce (Attachment 3) requesting a moratorium on the allowance of future benefit/consignment and resale shops. This is but one example of incompatible (but currently allowed) uses allowed in the Commercial Downtown (C-D) Zoning District

    • Pawn Shops
    • Electronic Cigarette (Vapor/Vape) Shops
    • Check Cashing Stores
    • Bail Bonds
    • Storefront Churches (religious assembly)
    • Gold and Silver Exchange Stores
    • Auction Houses (existing may remain)
    • Automobile Rental
    • Recreational Vehicle Sales (including boats)
    • Tire Sales and Repair
    • Blood, Plasma Sale Centers
    • Kennels or Pet Boarding (when not associated with an animal hospital)
    • Body Piercing and Tattoo Shops (on Ground Floor, only)

Unwelcome Downtown Businesses

Rules Are For Others, Not Kampe And Frutchey

Nevermind the humans, close the beach for sea lions.

At a March 5 P.G. City Council meeting, numerous volunteers who help protect the seals urged the city to install bigger fencing to protect them. But before they even spoke, city
manager Tom Frutchey told the council that the city “will go ahead, and even without coastal commission approval, erect a more substantial barrier.” The city installed the lattice fencing not long after the meeting.

Rules Are For Others, Not Kemp And Frutchey

Fruit Cheese Says The Budget Is Breaking Even

In his budget message, City Manager Thomas Frutchey said Pacific Grove is in better shape than “numerous other cities” spending down their general funds to pay for basic services. The city will have $4.5 million in reserves as of June 30, up from $800,000 five years ago, he said.

A proposal to add $50,000 to the budget to improve the intersection at Central and Eardley avenues brought pleas from two Monterey Bay Aquarium employees to make the intersection safer for pedestrians.

I offer an affordable solution – make the pedestrians cross at David instead of Eardley. If the ever expanding Fish Jail management team that is converting retail buildings across Central into offices wants a controlled intersection they should foot the bill.

Fruit Cheese Says The Budget Is Breaking Even