Tow Surfers And Tow Craft Wipe Out

Tow Surfing in P.G? Begging for hurt.

As officials warned residents to stay away from Central Coast beaches and bluffs, several surfers who braved the waves were uninjured after wiping out in giant breakers off Pacific Grove on Sunday.

Riding a personal watercraft shortly after noon, Ed Guzman tried to rescue a surfing friend he’d been towing amidst the 20-foot-plus surf off of Ocean View Boulevard and Coral Street when another large wave hit, the second in a towering set.

Guzman was washed off his craft, firefighters said.

Guzman, owner of Club Ed surfing school in Santa Cruz, was trying to aid his surfing partner, Don Curry, who had wiped out in a 25-foot wave and lost his board, said Monterey Fire Division Chief David Potter.

Tow Surfers And Tow Craft Wipe Out