Sunny Kavil In Court On Sex Charges

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Pervs at the American Tin Cannery
Noted about a year ago, one month before David Stamm was arrested.

Sunny Kavil Court

According to court documents, on May 19, 2007, a then-16-year-old girl was working at Sunnyline Clothing, a store owned by Kavil in the city of Pacific Grove, near Monterey. Though the girl had only been working in the store two days, she had on multiple occasions felt uncomfortable with Kavil, Pacific Grove police officer Angelo DeMarco testified in a preliminary hearing held Nov. 5, 2007.

About an hour after unloading the van, Kavil told the girl he needed to show her how to turn off the lights using the electrical breaker box, police said. She went into a back room, went up to the breaker box and Kavil stood behind her.

He then grabbed her across the chest and waist, pressing his hips up against her and reaching up under her sweatshirt and shirt, police said. Despite her pleading for him to stop, he made several remarks about his arousal and, during the course of the incident, he turned off the lights, police said. The girl said she heard him unzipping his pants, police added.

The girl managed to get out of Kavil’s grasp, grab her purse and run out of the store and the building, police said. She then called her mom, who called police and picked up the sobbing girl from a nearby parking lot.

Sunny Kavil

Sunny Kavil In Court On Sex Charges