TripAdvisor Rates Cannery Row Hotels

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Monterey Bay Inn. #4 of 61 hotels in Monterey
242 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940
Entire outside of building covered in gull/bird excrement, encluding balcony off the room we were shown. Breakfast ok if you like cold hard boiled eggs. Opened the sofa bed to find a mouse that jumped out and started running around the room. Need i tell you what I had to listen to every night? Funny, but not if I had kids.

Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa #6 of 61 hotels in Monterey
400 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940
Had the calamari the night before/pancakes tasted the same the next morning. The point of the story is, if you are booking a bayside room, perhaps ask if there are any parties planned for that night. Either that or pray that they play something better than awful gangsta’ rap! stuffy to say the least.You do sometimes feel like you are constantly tipping people. Someone entered our room and stole my wedding jewelry and bouquet. They admitted here were problems with the staff.

Holiday Inn Express Monterey #9 of 61 hotels in Monterey
443 Wave St., Monterey, CA 93940
despite the great effort to update the room decor, there was an aura of sloppiness about it. The carpeting had simply been rolled over some rather large lumps in the floor which I kept tripping over. Reminders throughout the room not to steal the amenities a bit tiresome.

Spindrift Inn #15 of 61 hotels in Monterey
652 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940
The wine and cheesecake “reception” isn’t really a big deal. Its a very small lobby with a tray of cookies and a wine keg. Sheets had dried up blood on them. Lot’s of pigeon poop. Flies quickly became a problem. The fireplace is a nice touch, but it leaves a permanent campfire smell in the room.

Cannery Row Inn #50 of 61 hotels in Monterey
200 Foam St, (Formerly Quality Inn), Monterey, CA 93940
The “ocean view” means looking over the parking lot, over the dumpster, to the right of a large tree, over some shrubs and finally you can see some water. Smelled horrible even after we left the doors open for a few hours to air it out. Would be housing welfare recipients if located anywhere else

Otter Inn #5 of 5 (bb & inns)
571 Wave St., Monterey, CA 93940
Unidentified rustling noises during the night. we were told we were “rude”, they would “sue us” and to “get a life”. seagulls scream and carry on all night. she ran my card for $3032.14? did I mention the wonderful whirlpool tub… that spit out brown water? At 12:15 AM the front office called our room and asked us if we’d been drinking.

TripAdvisor Rates Cannery Row Hotels