Seaside Auto Mall Reopens

Seaside Auto Center

Nearly two years and $20 million after construction began, Seaside marked the end of renovations at its auto center with a grand reopening last week.

Auto center dealerships, however, don’t have a lot more to celebrate as the country struggles through one of its toughest economic slumps since the Great Depression.

But city officials and Seaside auto dealers hope the auto mall’s facelift will help bring back shoppers.

“Anytime you redecorate, clean things up, improve the appearance, the visibility — it can’t hurt,” Linder said.

Nice picture above. Now here’s the real reopening. The same old thing, tents, banners, flags and a giant blue gorilla. Yep, redecorated and cleaned up.Seaside Auto Center Monkey

Not to mention most of the dealers have an identity problem, they are afraid to say “Seaside” and make shoppers think they are in Monterey.
Seaside Auto Center Cadillac

Seaside Auto Mall Reopens

A Store For Ghetto Life Busted For Drugs

Well that was bound to happen.

On Wednesday, officers arrested Alicia Lewis, 32, owner of the store on Broadway Avenue, and Shaka Fitzgerald, 31, on suspicion of possessing marijuana with intent to sell. Both suspects live in Marina.

Officers searching the store said they discovered marijuana stowed inside shoes for sale. Police said they found four digital scales, baggies, cash and a loaded semi-automatic pistol.


Won’t be long until one opens on Lighthouse among the karate schools and body piercing shops.

A Store For Ghetto Life?

P.G. Artist Banned In Seaside

Snick No Nudes

Farkas’ rendering, called Inanna in a Half Shell, was hanging for a week in a prime spot next to other works on the walls of Seaside City Hall. But for one visitor, Farkas’ painting showed just a little too much of the subject. The city’s Recreation Department asked the artist to remove the painting Friday.
Farkas arrived at City Hall and posted “censored” stickers over the nude’s intimate parts before taking it down.

P.G. Artist Banned In Seaside