Watch Out, The Sea Cars Are In Season

When the tourists roll into town with their SUVs and rented Hyundais they are easy to spot on the roads and we can drive defensively.  But these little yellow bug specks can jump out of nowhere.

Rent A Sea Car

There are several Sea Car options, depending on what you want to see and spend. The descriptions below are for a car loaded with a preset GPS route and that holds two people. A few larger cars are available, as are “Sea Car Scoot Trikes” ($30 per hour).

One hour tour ($60): Highlights include historical buildings around downtown Monterey, Fisherman’s Wharf, Cannery Row and Lovers Point.

Two hour tour ($110): This tour does all of the above, plus Pacific Grove’s downtown, and allows time for stops. Prefer to follow a guide? Sea Car offers guided two-hour tours ($130, reservations required), as well.

Three hour tour ($160): This is a good option if you know the area and just want to plug in your smartphone and listen to music while you cruise. (Note: No freeways allowed.)

Careful with that three hour tour ( a three hour tour…), if the weather gets rough you might be stranded in Sand City. Have plenty of coconuts and a professor along if you can.

Watch Out, The Sea Cars Are In Season