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Needed money for pimple cream.

Jeffery Rutt

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Jeffery Rutt – the Pacific Grove resident arrested after leading deputies on a car chase two months ago when he was caught breaking into cars — has already pleaded guilty to multiple crimes and sentenced to three years in prison.

Although they live in the same P.G. home and share a last name, it’s unknown how Jeffrey Rutt is related to Jason Rutt, who was arrested for burglary in 2014 and drug offenses in 2012, when he was already on probation for an earlier offense. In the 2014 case, Jason Rutt, then 29, trashed a home on Sage Court while spending all day inside, making himself at home, rifling through the owner’s
possessions and stealing luggage and jewelry. “The house was basically ransacked, and food was eaten. He was probably there all day,” thenPGPD Cmdr. Cassie McSorley said at the time.

Family Tradition