Letters From The Editor: PG Pothole Patching Poorly Performed

There’s a real jolting one on the S/E corner of Forest & Sinex. Try going around a left-turning car and BAM you are out of alignment.
Spruce Pot Hole

Ron Russell writes:

Grrrrr! Yes, Pacific Grove has me growling again. Not long ago, I facetiously wrote that P.G.’s road workers must do their shoddy repairs with a butter knife and a ladle. Now it seems they’ve even lost those tools.

What I find incomprehensible is that when a pothole is patched, the workmanship is so substandard that within a month it returns, often worse than before.

Perhaps the city should consider a volunteer brigade of retired contractors or citizens to help out. I’d gladly donate some time to fix some of the potholes in my neighborhood if the materials were provided.

Letters From The Editor: Pothole Patching Poorly Performed

Ron Russell On Crows

To be sure, nothing in Monterey causes sleep deprivation more consistently than crows, except the clamor of the mindless auto and motorcycle races at Laguna Seca. Geniuses like Schopenhauer detested noise and wrote essays about how maddening it was to intellectuals and nappers like he and I.

Why do we have such a great population of these dirty, noisy, scavenger birds? I suspect it’s because they have no natural predators to chew them into pieces. Hawks, owls, vultures and eagles appear about as frequently as pterodactyls. So crows go about their nasty ways with full license, willfully murdering sweet birds such as finches, robins and sparrows whose numbers are declining. How can we stop this occupation and genocide?

Aw, I like the gameful interaction between the crows, jays and squirrels. The noise of animal life is preferable to the power tools, yard blowers and stupid barking dogs.

Ron Russell On Crows

Ron Russell On Progress

Yet many of our finest homes sit as empty and lifeless as catacombs. So what is really happening to “life” here in our very animated and increasingly moribund Quaintville-by-the-Sea?

So fewer and fewer families reside here on a permanent basis. More and more empty mansions are robotically lit to deter burglars and to imitate signs of life. Gardeners come weekly — like the maids who scurry through the hotel rooms when the guests are out sightseeing — to whisk away the dust and leaves that settle around these spiritless homes. In fact, our last hometown seems to be morphing into a mega-version of a Hyatt for which a 100 percent vacancy rate would be just fine and dandy, as long as the property taxes were paid. Will we become like Lake Tahoe and Carmel where 26 percent of the homes are weekenders or sub rosa short-term rentals?

Ron Russell On Progress