Got A Wind Chime? That’s A $435 Fine In Pacific Grove

When you have a so called artist living across the street.

“It’s a shock,” Phil Allen said. “I’ll certainly fight this. With all the things the courts have to worry about today, I wouldn’t think this would even be worth mentioning.”

But Richmond Woodson, who lives across the street from the offending chime, said the constant ringing is like living across the street from an ice cream truck. Woodson, a 54-year-old art teacher who has lived in his house since 2000, signed a complaint about the noise, which forced police to cite the Allens.

Weeks later, about 4 a.m., Woodson decided he was fed up with the wind chime. He walked across the street and taped the chimes together.

“I apologized for the tape,” Woodson said.

Woodson admits to trespass and vandalism. Should be arrested for same. Kook also admits to patrolling the block to find other noises and turning them in.

This is not ‘the’ wind chime from the article
Redneck Wind Chimes

Got A Wind Chime? That’s A $435 Fine In Pacific Grove