Gay P.G. Cop Alleges Discrimination

Smolinski joined the department in 1997, and the claim states his troubles began in December 1999 when parking enforcement officer Rhonda Ramey filed a complaint against then-Police Chief Scott Miller, alleging that Miller failed to discipline a supervisor who had harassed her for being “bisexual” and having an “open marriage.”

Smolinski, in the claim that does not specify the damages he is seeking, says he sat in with Ramey – identified in the complaint only as “employee X” – in a meeting with Miller in January 2000, during which Miller allegedly said Ramey would regret bringing the complaint.

Ramey sent a letter to the Hear-Old but it was not published. She later posted it on an Internet message board. In the letter, she writes:

Watch the clip from KION website, when they report Scott Miller’s response to Darrin’s accusations of harassment and Scott Miller is quoted as saying – “Sounds like a fairy tale to me”

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Gay P.G. Cop Alleges Discrimination

Court Rules In Favor Of Police Chief In Ramey Case

No donuts for Rhonda

Former parking enforcement officer Rhonda Ramey had sued the city, Hubbard, and Chief Miller on the grounds that her termination in January 2001 had been based on retaliatory motives for a harassment claim she had filed against her supervisors in late 1999.

Chief Miller testified that he fired Ramey for misappropriating two Volkswagen vehicles that she later converted to her own use, and for giving additional vehicles and extra business to a tow company operator named Kevin Shook. Miller said Ramey gave Shook a Mercedes Benz sedan and a Toyota van without properly processing the vehicles, which Shook subsequently sold for a profit. Official DMV documents associated with the Mercedes transaction had been forged, according to testimony in the trial.