Tell Seaside To Flush Twice For Kampe

Yummy. Seaside waste and Salinas farm run off treated and served up in P.G.

Prep work has already begun on the 7-mile pipeline running from Seaside to Pacific Grove, which is designed to deliver water from the Seaside basin to Peninsula customers as a result of the recycled water project

Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe called the pipeline tangible progress toward providing a new water supply, noting the collaborative efforts that helped overcome initial opposition to recycled water from Peninsula hospitality, Cal Am and even the state Public Utilities Commission. Seaside Mayor Ralph Rubio called the ceremony a historic groundbreaking and “first step toward a water supply solution” for the Peninsula.

Tell Seaside To Flush Twice For Kampe

Trenching Begins For Wastewater Delivery To P.G.

Raise a glass. And hope they don’t dig up your phone line.

Streets will be torn up — some more than once — through the heart of three Peninsula communities. The pipeline will run from Seaside’s Hilby Pumping Station over a new Monterey-Salinas Highway bridge through downtown Monterey and the Presidio of Monterey to an existing pump station and pipeline on Sinex Avenue in Pacific Grove.

Approved on Sept. 15 by the state Public Utilities Commission along with a water purchase agreement for the $85 million Pure Water Monterey groundwater replenishment project, the new infrastructure is expected to be complete and operational by the end of next year, in advance of the availability of recycled water in early 2018. It will be used to transport the new 3,500-acre-foot annual recycled water supply, along with aquifer storage and recovery water.

Trenching Begins For Wastewater Delivery To P.G.

Seaside's Wastewater Is Going To Cost You

Why the water companies are so happy with the project. It used Other People’s Money so it’s no risk to them.

Customers are going to see a change on their bills as a result of the project. In an interview earlier this month, Stedman said to expect a 15-percent increase this year to pay for the pipeline construction and water purchase.

Seaside’s Wastewater Is Going To Cost You