Black Light Miniature Golf – Oceans 18 – Closing

The American Tin Cannery was better in the 80s, before there was any fish prison across the street. Mr Z, Ardans and others made it a first choice to shop before going to Del Monte Center.

Mini Golf Oceans18


“It doesn’t make a profit,” owner Jonathan Johnson said bluntly. He had two part-time employees.

Oceans 18 opened in 2007. Johnson said he first decided to pack up shop a few years ago but the building’s owners, Cannery Row Co., offered to lower the rent, so he gave it a go for a while.

There are more than a dozen empty stores at the cannery. Around 12:30 p.m. Thursday, fewer than 70 people were shopping or eating despite 22 businesses, such as DB Shoes, Pendleton, Van Heusen and Candy World. A majority were eating at First Awakenings restaurant.

Black Light Miniature Golf – Oceans 18 – Closing