Come Heres Con P.G. Out Of Bench. Been Heres Get It Back

The whole dedicate a bench program is a big mistake, at least it should require proof of residency.


What a PG memorial bench looks like. Not the bench in the article.

According to the Rosings, in 2001 when they asked about taking ownership of the bench, they were told there was a long waiting list. But they badly wanted the bench that held such significance for them.

It was the Rosings’ understanding that the previous owner, Johns, had not kept up with the maintenance fees, that her contact number was no longer working and the city was ready to offer it to the next person on the list.

They recounted their story to the person behind the desk of how Gary proposed to Kathleen. They pleaded their case and the city official agreed to sell them the bench.

Johns had died just two days before the Rosings discovered the bench no longer carried their names and wedding date on the back.

As Johns’ trustees, the Parsonses said they were billed and paid $1,050 in back fees for the bench. They also said they have a canceled check from October 2001 for $450 paid to the city of Pacific Grove.

When they received another maintenance fee bill in 2014 they requested the bench be refurbished and the names on the back removed.

Come Heres Con P.G. Out Of Bench Been Heres Get It Back