P.G. Schools Welcome Google Overlords

Cloud based laptops can be monitored by Google, better to shape your children’s minds.google-spy

And well, half a million bucks for 1200 laptops. OK, that’s $400 a piece. THEN SIX TIMES THAT FOR OVERHEAD? $3,000,000 to secure the things. What else could skools get for 3.5 million?

It’s only been two weeks since all third-, fourth- and fifth-graders at the Pacific Grove Unified School District received their Chromebook laptops, but students and teachers say they can see the difference.

“Before, we were only getting an hour a week (of computer time) in the lab,” Valdez said. Now, the laptops are locked up in a special cabinet in the classroom, ready to be used when Valdez needs them for instruction. And for the California Standards Test, which students are scheduled to take soon.

Pacific Grove Unified administrators rolled out 1,200 Chromebooks during the spring break, just in time for the state testing.

It is the first major purchase the district has made with proceeds from Measure A funds, an $18 million bond approved in November. The Chromebooks cost about $500,000 and about $3 million was spent on cabinets, wiring, security cameras and other technical support.

P.G. Schools Welcome Google Overlords