Glen Blevins Gets Prison For Beating Laborer

Blevins attended P.G. High

Judge Timothy Roberts said he was aware of ongoing federal and state court cases addressing the inadequacy of mental health care in California’s prisons.

However, he said, attempts to find an alternative program for Glenn Blevins were unsuccessful and he was too much of a danger to release.

Roberts also rejected Blevins’ request to withdraw his no-contest plea, saying it was too late in the case. Blevins said he agreed to the plea bargain only because he’d been told he would be granted probation.

The judge said the viciousness of his crime, and Blevins’ increasingly serious arrest record, made him an inappropriate candidate for probation.

Glen Bevins Gets Prison For Beating Laborer

Glenn Blevins Pleads No Contest

Blevins once was from P.G.

According to the district attorney’s office, Blevins picked up the victim, a 31-year-old man looking for work as a day laborer, on Aug. 10, 2007 in Seaside. He then drove the victim to an abandoned building in Fort Ord.

Once inside the building, Blevins struck the victim several times, causing him to lose consciousness.

Glenn Blevins Pleads No Contest

Glenn Blevins Declared Competent

Blevins was once from P.G.

State doctors have decided a mentally ill Monterey man charged with beating a day laborer on Fort Ord is now competent to face trial.

Judge Timothy Roberts said Glenn Blevins would be transported to Monterey County Jail from Atascadero State Mental Hospital. Doctors at Atascadero informed the court Blevins’ competency had been restored through treatment, the judge said this morning.

He is charged with an Aug. 10 attack on Artemio Santiago Garcia, 30. According to Marina police, Blevins chose Garcia from a group of day laborers in Seaside on the pretext that he needed some work done. He then allegedly drove his white pickup to an abandoned area of Fort Ord, where he beat Santiago Garcia to the point of unconsciousness.

Glenn Blevins Declared Competent

Man Accused Of Beating Day Laborer Was From P.G.

Glenn Blevins was found mentally incompetent to stand trial this month in connection with an attack on a day laborer on Fort Ord. Psychiatrist Taylor Fithian concluded paranoid schizophrenia had left the 27-year-old unable to understand the court proceedings and help with his own defense.

He was transferred from Forest Grove Middle School in Pacific Grove to a “therapeutic school” at Gambetta Middle School in Castroville. Doctors first tried antidepressants and later, after diagnosing him as bipolar, lithium.

Neither worked well, Joyce Blevins said, because he had been misdiagnosed. At the time, she said, doctors did not believe schizophrenia could present itself in young children, a school of thought that is now changing.

Her son eventually made his way to Pacific Grove High School, where he was kicked out for threatening a teacher and the principal. He did not graduate, though he later earned his equivalency degree.

Man Accused Of Beating Day Laborer Was From P.G.